The Whittlin' Fiddler

of Yellville

100 Years of Fiddlin' Fun

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Violet Hensley made her first fiddle in 1932  learning the craft by watching her father George "Wash" Brumley in Alamo, Arkansas. Since that time she created 72 fiddles, one viola, and thousands of pieces of Ozark Folk Art made from woods of region. She has repaired 438 violins.
She has demonstrated her craft for millions both on television and in person at craft fairs and at Silver Dollar City. She began appearing at Silver Dollar City in 1967. She is marking 47 years in 2014 as part of the Silver Dollar City family of crafters and performers.

Folk Art Inspired by Violet Hensley

8.5" x 10" print by Julie A Rice

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Silver Dollar City Photo

Violet Hensley

Whittlin', Fiddle Makin' and Other Arts