100 Years of Fiddlin' Fun

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Visit this website to see the 2013 Arkansas Living Treasure film "74 Fiddles" by Joe York http://arkansaslivingtreasure.com/artists/violet-hensley/

Violet Hensley Family Band performs "Faded Love" in this
MusicBox Project from 2013.

Violet Hensley  performs "Little Brown Jug" in this 
MusicBox Project from 2013.

Violet Hensley  performs "Soldier's Joy"  with the Homestead Pickers
at Silver Dollar City.

Violet Hensley performs "Wabash Cannonball" at Silver Dollar City in 2012. 

Violet Hensley performs at Folk Alliance Conference in 2010
where she is honored with the Mike Seeger Scholarship.

Folk Alliance Fiddle Jam with Violet Hensley

This clip is  from the "Ear For Music" TV Show, produced by Rene and Oksana Pavilionis, in 2006. The entire program is thirty minutes long, and is part of the "Bob Ketchum Collection" at the Reynolds Library in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

The Whittlin' Fiddler

of Yellville

Silver Dollar City Photo

Violet Hensley